Meet the first users

Meatballs and vodka at the beach? Nope

We met, while studying at a pretty cool place called Hyper Island. We quickly abandoned the idea of working in the advertising industry and decided to build a meaningful product instead.

We all happened to like people and do stuff. What do people want? What do we want? What cool tool can we invent? How can we simplify our lives?

“...if it has something to do with getting together. We are there.”

First. Why is it so damn hard to get friends together?

The digital world has in many ways helped us stay in touch with people we care about. But how can we spend more time together in the analog world? Annoyed by the inefficiency of texting and inhuman Facebook events, we got down to Tribes. These are groups of people we meet and spend time with occasionally. It's tough to keep track of what everyone is doing in the future. That's what we set out to solve.

Second. How the hell do you get to know local Swedes?

It's quite impossible. Our Brazilian friend Caio is even ready to assemble IKEA furniture, just to get to know them. We just went for an app.

We love openness and risk-taking. That is exactly what the Local part is about. It is there you expand your Tribe and get to know the area you're in. It is what we were looking for when we first arrived to Stockholm - we wanted meet new people in a casual way. Just like Caio.

Our faces

Didrik, Roger, Vitali, Vivien and Léa. We create activities like "Fix that Bug" or "Draw a Tipi". We focus on the product, but we do have activities like "Beers" and "Snowballs" from time to time. That's us.

Feedback, advice, compliments, complaints, whatever you feel like sharing.